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CISO, Senior Project Manager / Program Manager / Senior Consultant in IT Security, Cybersecurity, AI, Vulnerability Management, Threat Management, Business Continuity, Incident Management, Crisis Management, Disaster Recovery Planning, Penetration Testing, ( Pentesting ), Information Security,  SEO Engineering, Blockchain, Ethereum, DApp Design and Development, Blockchain Auditing, IT Auditing, IT Infrastructure Management, Data Center Operations & Development, Governance, Compliance, Risk Management, IT Change Management, Application System Development, Technical Service Development, Service Transition and Service Management, Author, Professor, Mentor, Cryptocurrency.





WILLIAM FAVRE SLATER, III, MBA, M.S., PMP, CISSP, SSCP, CISA, CDCP, Security+, MCSE, MCITP, ITIL v3, ISO 27002, ISO 20000, Cloud Computing Foundation

 Sr. Project Manager / Program Manager / Sr. Information Technology Consultant / Certified Information Systems Auditor with Significant Experience in Data Center Management, IT Infrastructure Management, IT Security, ISO 27001, IT Change Management, and Application System Development, ISO 27001 Auditor (Provisional Status pending certification processing steps)

Technical Services available in Senior Project Manager / Program Manager / Senior Consultant in IT Security, Cybersecurity, Vulnerability Management, AI, Threat Management, Penetration Testing, ( Pentesting ), Information Security, Blockchain, Ethereum, DApp Design and Development, Blockchain Auditing, IT Auditing, IT Infrastructure Management, Data Center Operations & Development, Governance, Compliance, Risk Management, IT Change Management, Application System Development, Technical Service Development, Service Transition and Service Management, Author, Professor, Mentor, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Disaster Recover Planning, Business Continuity Planning, Information Security Compliance, Information Security Management, Management Consultant in Business Strategy, Marketing, and Process Improvement, Teaching and Mentoring Services available in any of the topical areas listed above.  Also a subject matter expert in topics on Cyberwarfare and Cyberdeterrence, SEO Engineering.

First Data Center Manager of the Microsoft Chicago Data Center
Professional Career Page
Certified Data Center Professional (CDCP) from the
Institute of Data Center Professionals
M.S. in Cybersecurity, Bellevue University
MBA, University of Phoenix
M.S. in Computer Information Systems, University of Phoenix
B.S. Engineering Technology, University of Memphis
Writing and Presentations
Cyberwar Writings and Presentations

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September 24, 2022

25th Anniversary of (TM)

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My Lovely Wife, Joanna Roguska
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The Bride as a Digital Artist
Celebrating Five Years with the Bride

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My Service in the United States Air Force - Happy Veterans' Day to All the Men and Women Who Served and Are Still Serving
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I Love Poland!!!
Valentine's Day 2010
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Internet History and Growth
IT Industry and the Job Market

ebook by William F. Slater III (New!)

William Slater's Cyberwar Page
Using ISO 27001 to Protect Your Organization in the Age of Cyberwarfare and Cyberattacks
William's Time Tracker Program (four versions!)
Memorial Pages for my Parents
September 11, 2001

William F. Slater III
Prepare your Organization for Cyberwarfare and Cyberattacks
Cover and Cover Story of Hakin9 On Demand Magazine
January 15, 2013

William Slater Interview with Bellevue University - January 19, 2013

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2010 MBA Graduate of the University of Phoenix
2004 M.S. Graduate of the University of Phoenix
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IDCP - Data Center Technology Program

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Official Microsoft MCP Transcript
Prometric Candidate History





Interesting Stuff

Joanna Roguska
Ariel - My wife's Stage Name
Ariel Performing in March 2012
For the Wellness & Nutrition-Minded:

New Book: Freddy Rescues Princess Petite: The Adventures of Freddy and the Bog Tribe (Freddy and the Frog Bog) by Ryan Hellerud

Chief O'Neills Pub - Chicago's Greatest Authentic Irish Pub & Restaurant
Darrell John - Musician, Songwriter, Entertainer
I Love Poland!!!

Mission, Vision, Purpose & Why I Quit Best Job Ever
Presentation by Tom Anderson

Robin Williams Memorial Page
Can Candrea - Best Cancan Dance Teacher in the Midwest
Edward Snowden Page
The Edward Snowden NSA Data Breach of 2013:  How it happened, and its consequences and implications for the U.S. and the IT Industry
My Bitcoin Page
Presentation: Bitcoin: A Current Look at the World’s Most Popular, Enigmatic and Controversial Digital Cryptocurrency
Emergency Preparedness - 2014
Get Certified in Bitcoin
Ms. Diane Arkenstone
Hackin9 Magazine Article - Using Wireshark and Other Tools to Help Solve the Cyberwarfare Problem of Attribution
The Gulabi Gang
Moore's Law - Original, from April 1965
Joanna's AMAZING Online Photo Album!
Brian Krebs - Noted Cybersecurity Expert and Published Blogger on Cybersecurity
A Palace of Policies: Information Shield
Graymills, Inc.
Steve Jobs Memorial Page
Erika Ochoa - Pineapple Dance Studio
Thomas Jefferson
Carol Nevin - The Real Estate Lady
The Ram Project - by Dave Depper (GREAT!)
"Network Recipes" by Guru Jay McGuerty
Mindy Jostyn: A Musical Angel I met in 1995
"Sunlight is the best disinfectant."
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See Andreas Vollenweider, the world's greatest living musician, play live

Cousin Natalie Slater - Bake & Destroy!
Cousin Natalie Slater - The Blog
The world's greatest Throat Singer - The Famous Tuvan, Kongar-ol Ondar
God Bless Jim Gray, Father of Modern Transaction Processing!
Anita Kuhn - Amazing Artist and Art Lover!
Happy 40th Anniversary to the ARPANET Project Team - September 2, 1969 - September 2, 2009
USAF Female Heroes -
A1C Mary Colin (the BEFORE picture)

USAF African-American Heroes -
Major General Ronnie D.  Hawkins, Jr.

Legendary Venture Capitalist, Ben Rosen Describes "Microprocessor" in 1976
Start a Business for $100 or Less
New Charity Website: Giving Anonymously
U.S. Cyber Challenge!
My Wife's Dance Instructor: Chellcy Reitsma
Andreas Vollenweider
Andreas Vollenweider's Website
More on the Effects of Vollenweider Music
Happy 40th Anniversary Apollo 11:
Buzz Aldrin Raps "Rocket Experience"
Making of Buzz's "Rocket Experience"
100 Years - An Excellent Song about Time & Life
Michael Jackson - RIP
George Carlin (RIP) Poem: Modern Man
Best Internet Female Entrepreneur:
A Favorite, Very Talented Female Musician and Songwriter: Crow Johnson!

Kim Darby - of True Grit Fame
Tommy Elkes - An Excellent Musician
Tommy Elske's Website
U.S. National Debt & Expenditures
Computational Knowledge Engine:
WolframAlpha - Just Launched in May 2009

Kevin Kelly: Best video
on Future of the Web

Kevin Kelly's Website
Free Kevin Kelly Books in PDF
The OBAMA License Plate Page
Planet Afghanistan
Dick "Lefty" O'Neal: New Baseball Book - Dreaming of the Majors - Living in the Bush
Hubble Space Telescope's Greatest Hits!
Favorite Quotes
65 Free Courses at the Data Center University!
Odds of Dying
Happy 20th Birthday, World Wide Web!!!
The Inventor of the World Wide Web
The World's First Web Surfer
StatBrain - Check Your Website Stats
Best BBQ in Chicago!
The World's Best Beatles Tribute Band
Sell Your Home In One Week for Full Market Value
More Cowbell!  Puro Son is Mui Caliente, Amigos!
Great New Video: Ah La La by The Takeover UK!
Luba: The Best Is Yet To Come
Luba: Let It Go!
Most Recent News on Slaters
Amazing Collection of William Slaters
How popular is the name, 'William Slater"?
Dan and Leslie Loften -
James Ward - World's Greatest
Christian Musician

Greatest New Talent of 2007:
Ms. Jesca Hoop


The Project Management Institute
Institute of Internal Auditors
World's Most Powerful Search Engine: Google
GOOGLEzon! - Epic 2014 Customer Service Telephone Number Customer Service Telephone Number
Computer Recycling
SpoozToolz - Using MS Excel to Trade Stocks!
Fight Unethical Software:
Skype: Free & Easy Internet Phone Calls
Disappearing Trick!
Return to Flight: STS-114
Marrakech Cuisine - Our Neighbors!

Keswick Jewelers
Internet Archive: The Wayback Machine
Very Handy Internet Software Tools

Unmask Web Parasites!
God Bless President Ronald Reagan
Chicago Chapter of the Internet Society
The Internet Society
CSO Online
The Institute of Data Center Professionals
Association for Computing Machinery
Planetary Society
A Brief History of the Internet
Nerds for Jesus

The Bible (Free Gift!)
Make and Build Dog Stuff

USEIT by Jacob Neilsen
Drudge Report

The International Space Station
The Smoking Gun
US Government Official Time Site
Universal Currency Converter
Online Hyperdictionary
Lifespan Calculator
Hacker News Network
Privacy and Spying (!)
Farewell, Pope John Paul II

LT GEN Forrest's Farewell Address
Jimmy Driftwood
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Current Time
Declaration of Independence
U.S. Constitution
Gettysburg Address
Dec. 26, 2004 - The Tsunami from Hell
Pray for New Orleans and the
New Orleaneans




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The Story Behind Gangham Style
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Disappearing Trick!
Cool Pics
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The Real Story Behind More Cowbell

More Cowbell!  Puro Son is Mui Caliente, Amigos!

The King Lives

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Andreas Vollenweider and William F. Slater, III
in Chicago, IL
October 3, 2005
See Andreas Vollenweider, the world's greatest living musician, play live - Click Here
My Andreas Vollenweider Page




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The Gulabi Gang


Institute for Data Center Professionals


What in the world is Cloud Gate?


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