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Just as I have been fortunate enough to have several mentors, I have also mentored several people. These are my protégés.  I am grateful for the opportunity to help these fine people.



When Met


Joanna Roguska August 1999 Learned web development and Internet technologies.  Acted as my asssistant in classes I taught at IIT and in the Wheaton Park District.  In a strange and very unexpected turn of events, I fell in love with Joanna, so in December 2000, we married.  And yes - she continues to be my protege, but she now also has the new  titles of being my Bride, and the Queen of the Temple of Technology.


Terry Felke August 1997 Learning Internet, Webmaster, Web Development, Networking technologies, etc.  In Fall 1998, Terry became an instructor on the MIS faculty staff at Harper College in Palatine, IL.  She also got her own three node peer-to-peer network setup at home, purchased her own domain (, and set up a great website there!


James Claud July 1998 James is one of the fastest studies I have worked with.  He has followed my advice on getting educated in web design and web development and is rapidly becoming an expert in FrontPage 98.  On July 15, 1998, he accompanied me to the exhibition hall at Internet World in Chicago's McCormick Place.   We had a great time and he learned a lot.  Me too!


Carol Nevin January 1997 Has become an Internet consultant specializing in Internet searches, and is presently learning the art of web page design using FrontPage 98.  In Fall 1998, Carol was appointed Director of Research at a local executive placement firm, based on her accomplishments in the areas of Internet research and search engines.  Carol got her own domain name and website at in the Summer of 1998.


Jeff Absher October 1996 Passed all MCSE exams before the end of 1997.


Tom Eisenman October 1996 Promoted to NT Specialist at a large telecommunications company.


Terri Paulsen March 1998 Learning Internet and Webmaster stuff.


Marc Aniello July 1997 Learning NT Networking, Internet, and WAN stuff, and troubleshooting.


Naveed Anwar July 1996 Became a very competent NT LAN Admin at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Later went on to get a great job in NJ.



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By Bill Slater