The Original OBAMA License Plate
From Barack Obama's Home State of Illinois

William F. Slater, III, PMP on December 8, 2006
The Day the OBAMA plates arrived.

Yes I Did!  This is my actual Illinois License Plate on my car!

(click on the picture for a larger image)

This Is the Real OBAMA-Mobile ! This is Vehicle is Called "The Beast!"


My 1997 Ford Taurus Automobile
with the unique IL OBAMA Plate
(click on the pictures for a larger images)
President Obama's
Official U.S. Presidential Limo with the unique "44" Plate
(click on the pictures for a larger images)


Update:  June 24, 2013

Sometimes people get confused about the OBAMA-Mobile and the Presidential Limo.

Here are the major differences:

1. The Presidential Limo has armor, is much heavier and more expensive than the OBAMA-Mobile.

2. The OBAMA-Mobile gets 22 miles per gallon in the city and 28 miles per gallon on the highway. The Presidential Limo gets about 7 to 8 miles per gallon.

3. The OBAMA-Mobile has more awesome license plate than the Presidential Limo

4. I actually own the OBAMA-Mobile and the Taxpayers own the Presidential Limo.

5. If you come to Chicago, I will give you a free ride in the OBAMA-Mobile if you contact me in advance to arrange this. I would be really surprised if you can get a ride in the Presidential Limo.



Update:  June 24, 2013

I was quite shocked recently. They REALLY love the OBAMA-Mobile over in Germany and I can't figure out exactly why. (Click link below to see the recent visits.)  Good American Design?  Good American Engineering?  Good American Manufacturing?


Update: July 10, 2011

Who is Barack Obama?
Stories about the IL OBAMA License Plate In the Media:
Web:  Article at the Chicago Sun-Times, December 8, 2008
Web:  Picture published in the Chicago Sun-Times, December 8, 2008
Radio: Chicago WIND AM 560 Radio, December 9, 2008
TV: MSNBC Atlanta, December 9, 2008
Print media - Chicago Tribune article, March 28, 2007
Other Web References: at this link


Update: February 17, 2010

My wife, Joanna Roguska, was a post-graduate student in Graphic Design. One assignment required her to make a set of web pages on an unusual topic. So with no help or influence from me, she chose the IL OBAMA Plate to write about.

This is the link: (Enjoy!)
Note: Giving the Obama-Mobile a nickname of the Nobel Car was her idea.




Now Testing OBAMA

(First time this has been phrase used? not really... click this link)

Update: July 21, 2009

I finally got this picture transferred from my Samsung cellular phone.

When we went to the mandatory State of IL tri-annual auto emissions testing for
my car on July 21, they made us sit in a waiting area.  Sure enough, our
IL OBAMA Plate came up on the screen.  The technicians loved it and so did we.

Our 1997 black Ford Taurus passed the test, the test by the way.

Anyway, this picture is a real oddity.  Enjoy!




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