William F. Slater, III

William F. Slater, III

Project Manager -- Program Manager -- System Engineer -- Application Developer -- Senior IT Consultant -- Author  -- Teacher -- Webmaster -- Mentor -- Musician --  Judo Sensei -- Joanna's Husband

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Hi, I'm William F. Slater, III. Welcome to my website on the World Wide Web! I was born and raised in Memphis, TN, home of Blues, Barbeque, and Elvis, but now I make my home in the World's greatest city: Chicago, IL. I have been working in the Computer Industry since 1977. My career history can be viewed here.

In October 2004, I graduated from the University of Phoenix, working toward an MS in Computer Information Systems. Click here to read about my career.

I also do a little web development, and I have taught and mentored people in classes, formal and informal, about the Internet, Intranets, databases, programming, project management, IT security, networking, troubleshooting, hardware and other assorted information technologies. I have also assisted over 70 colleagues/proteges in getting better jobs in the past 10 years.

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Major U.S. High-Capacity Internet Backbones

I live in Chicago, and we are a MAJOR CAPITAL OF THE INTERNET:
The Chicago NAP, Hosted by Ameritech
Is the World's Biggest and Busiest!!!

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(Yep!  We're pretty wired over here, but hey, since we invented it, that's what you'd expect!)

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