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Chicago's Favorite President - Barack Obama

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Chicago Youth Violence

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Chicago People and Places

City of Chicago's Website

Her Honor - Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Chicago's Favorite President - Barack Obama

Chicago's BEST Gold Buyer - West Town Jewelry & Loan

Live Webcam in Chicago

Live Webcam of Wicker Park, at the intersection of North Ave., Milwaukee Ave, and Damen, very close to where we live

Current Chicago Weather Conditions

Chicago's Favorite Weather Scientist - Tom Skilling

Explore Chicago - Chicago's Official Tourism Website

Chicago Air and Water Show - the World's Largest Free Air Show

Explore Chicago - The Website that the City of Chicago Used to Replace Chicago's Human Tourism Consultants

The Economy of Chicago

Chicago's Green Initiatives

City of Chicago's Special Events Website

Chicago 2009 - The Way It Is

Who is Barack Obama?

Now Testing OBAMA

Take the Obama Tour of Chicago!

Who is Michelle Obama?

Chicago on Wikipedia

Chicago Flag

Adler Planetarium - First Planetarium in the Western Hemisphere

Chicago 101 - Excellent thoughts about Chicago by Nathan L. K. Bierma

Cloud Gate

Chicago's Milennium Park

The Art Institute of Chicago

Most Beautiful Woman in Chicago

My Wife's Dance Instructor: Chellcy Reitsma

A Gallery of Chicago Architecture

An Amazing Gallery of Chicago Neighborhoods

The John Hancock Center Observatory

The Sears Sky Deck Observatory

Trump Tower Chicago - Our (New) Second Tallest Building

Build Your Own Chicago - Starting with the Chicago Picasso

A picture of my apartment and neighborhood, taken with a Key Hole Satellite from Space!

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Chicago Food

Best BBQ in Chicago

Best Pizza in Chicago

Best Italian Food in Chicago

Best Italian Food in NW Chicago Suburbs

Best Greek Restaurant in Chicago

Best Asian Food in Chicago

Best Indian Food in Chicago

Best Korean Food in Chicago

Best (Affordable) Mexican Food in Chicago

Best Polish Food in Chicagoland

Best Hot Dogs in Chicagoland

Best French Crepe Restaurant in Chicago

Best Chocolate in Chicago - Wild Ophelia

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Chicago Music & Entertainment

Buddy Guy's Blues Club

Chicago's Best Beatles Band

Chicago Smooth Jazz

A famous song about Chicago: Sweet Home Chicago! - Blues Brothers

Another famous song about Chicago by Crosby, Stills, and Nash

LamaJamal - Chicago's Internationally Famous World Music Group

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Chicago Sports

Chicago White Sox - Major League Baseball

Chicago Cubs - Major League Baseball

Chicago Bulls - Professional Basketball

Chicago Bears - Professional Football

Chicago Bears Images Wallpaper and Facebook Timeline Covers

Chicago Blackhawks - National League Hockey

Chicago Fire - Professional Soccer

Happy Anniversary, Steve Bartman!

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Chicago News and Media

Latest News on Chicago

Chicago in 2011 - Excellent Photo Essay by the Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune - Chicago's Greatest Newspaper

Chicago Sun-Times - Chicago's Second Greatest Newspaper

Mindful Metropolis - Chicago's Newest and Greenest Media

Chicago Public Radio - WBEZ - 91.5 FM

Sound Opinions - World's Greatest Music Dueling Critic Show

Chicago Stuff is always for Sale... on eBay!

WTTW - Chicago Public Television Channel 11

Chicago - WPWR TV - Channel 50

Chicago  WYCC TV - Channel 20

Chicago ABC WLS-TV Channel 7

Chicago NBC TV Channel 5

Chicago CBS WBBM - TV Channel 2

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Other Chicago Stuff

Chicago's BEST Gold Buyer - West Town Jewelry & Loan

Live Chicago Police Department Radio Feed via the Web

Want to Talk Like You are from Chicago?  How to fake a Chicago Accent

Chicago Search on Google

Chicago Crime Statistics

More Chicago Crime Statistics

Best Chicago Crime Statistics -

Even more Chicago Crime Information - Youth Violence


Every time the temperature goes up here in Chicago, more people on the South Side and West Side get killed.

Afghanistan is Safer Than Chicago - True Story

The Chicago Network Access Point - The World's Largest Internet NAP!

Best Blues Club / Restaurant in Chicago - Buddy Guy's Legends

The Greatest Personalized Illinois Auto License Tag in the World!

Who Is the Most Certified IT Professional in Chicago and the entire Midwest?

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Chicago Transportation

Current Chicago Traffic

Map of Chicago

Chicago Transit Authority

CTA Maps

Pace Buses

RTA Maps

O'Hare International

Midway Airport

Chicago Bike Paths

Chicago Walking Tour

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Some Unwritten Rules About Living in Chicago

1. Unless it is a Cross-town classic match between the White Sox and the Cubs,

a) Don't wear White Sox hats, shirts, etc. to Cubs games at Wrigley Field and
b) Don't wear Cubs hats, shirts, etc. to White Sox games at U.S. Cellular Field.

2. If you buy a new shiny, expensive car and don't have a garage, so you park it outside, within 36 to 48 months, it will turn into a "beater."

3. Pay your tickets so your car doesn't get booted.

4. Respect the Police and the Mayor.

5. Don't open a map on the L-Train

6. Don't use your Smart Phone on the L-Train

7. Stay off Lake Shore Dr. during snow storms

8. Don't get drunk and swim in Lake Michigan

9. Don't get drunk and drive the wrong way on the expressways or Lake Shore Dr.

10. Probably best to be off the streets and inside between 12:00 midnight and 5:00 AM because that's when most of the crime happens

11. Be very careful about going down on the South Side and/or on the West Side, because that's where most of the crime happens

12. Watch that you don't wear the wrong colors or throw down a gang sign to a rival gang member: It could be a life-ending mistake.

13. Don't get caught up in Heroin or people that do or sell Heroin (Chicago is the Heroin Capital of the U.S.)

14. Don't upset your Alderman or the people in your Alderman's office.

15. Don't ask about the Unwritten Rules.

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Chicago Sunset Skyline Photo from Adler Planetarium
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