Program Manager
IT Consultant in Data Center Management and
Change Management
M.S. in Computer Information Systems
1337 N. Ashland Ave., #2
Chicago, IL  60622
United States of America

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Institute of Data Center Professionals - Data Center Technology Certificate Program
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William F. Slater, III
B.S. Eng. Tech., M.S. in Computer Systems Technology

IT Consultant / Data Center Manager / Change Management Coordinator

CISSP, SSCP, MCSE 2000: Security, MCSA 2000: Security, MCSA 2003, 
MCDBA in SQL Server 2000, MCDST in XP, MCP # 3585
IT Project+, Security+, Network+, Server+, A+, I-Net+



(last updated on Sunday, October 17, 2004 )

Mr. Slater was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, one mile from Graceland.  He graduated from Memphis State University in 1977 with a B.S. degree in Engineering Technology.  He entered active duty in the U.S. Air Force in July 1977 as a young computer systems staff officer providing programming and technical support in command control communications applications for the Strategic Air Command Battle Staff (now US Strategic Command) in Offutt AFB, NE. In November 1980, he began his civilian career IT, and has worked in the IT field ever since.  His experience in IT includes programming, data center management, change management, web development, database work, networking, infrastructure development and management, as well as teaching all the areas of IT where he has worked.


As a career professional, Mr. Slater is an IT consultant who lives in Chicago and works in Naperville, about 30 miles west of Chicago. He is a charter member and editor at the Institute of Data Center Professionals (www.idcp.org).  See data center articles by Mr. Slater at http://www.idcp.org/SPRING2004/ and http://www.idcp.org/WINTER2003.htm, as well as http://datacentermanager.com . Presently, he works for Getronics, and a major international energy company, supporting the infrastructure in a western suburb of Chicago where he has been the Data Center Manager since August 2001.  This facility is a major hub on this energy company’s digital business Infrastructure.  He is also heavily involved with Change Management, supporting change management in five major business units.


Since 1977, Mr. Slater has continually worked on keeping his skills updated.   He holds these certifications: CISSP (Candidate - Awaiting Endorsement Processing, SSCP, MCSE 2000: Security, and an MCSA 2000: Security, MCSA 2003, MCDBA in SQL Server 2000, MCDST in XP, MCP in XP, IT Project+, Security+, Network+, Server+, A+. I-Net+.  The certifications he plans to complete in 2004 are:  MCSE 2003, CCNA, CIW, and CDCP. His certifications web page is located at http://billslater.com/certifications/  . Since October 18, 2003, Mr. Slater has taken and passed 27 exams between October 18, 2003 and June 20, 2004.  During this class, he plans to complete the MCSE 2003 by passing the formidable MS 70-296 exam.


When he worked at Digital Equipment Corporation, he wrote the world’s first article, published in November 1993, advocating the use of Windows NT as a robust, secure, compatible desktop operating system for a client/server configuration (see http://slatertech.com/writing). In June 1993, he was among the first 100 people in the world to become an MCP in Windows NT, and his certification number is MCP # 3585.


Mr. Slater started in the M.S. in Computer Information Systems program at the University of Phoenix Online on cold and gray Chicago morning on January 23, 2003, using Outlook Web Access through an Internet Explorer browser window, on a computer named “Elvis” that is on his home network.   He completed his UoP MS CIS program course work on Wednesday evening, October 13, 2004 with the completion of CMGT 585 - CIS Risk Management and Planning.  You can view his final grade report for this program by visiting: http://www.billslater.com/uop/wfs_current_UoP_grades.htm 


This was Mr. Slater’s second time in graduate school: He decided to pursue this MS CIS degree, 23 years after his first graduate school experience at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln attempting to pursue an MA in Business Management degree was interrupted at the one-fourth point, by some unexpected life experiences, like illness and sudden relocation to Houston.  Nevertheless, Mr. Slater returned to graduate school in 2003 because he wants improved professional credentials for teaching and writing, and especially because he felt strongly that he needed this degree to help improve and grow and become a better IT professional. 


For the most part, Mr. Slater enjoys the UoP MS CIS program and was proud to be here.  Visit his UoP website at http://billslater.com/uop/  and you’ll see how he feels about UoP and his experiences in the MS CIS program. He finds the flexibility of the participation invaluable.  He has also enjoyed most of his experiences with his UoP teachers and classmates.  Mr. Slater is a very hard worker, an extremely reliable professional, and an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, experienced technologist, and a great communicator.  He is also very generous with help and in sharing resources to help others.  He enjoys being on Teams where the fellow Team members are also hard workers and reliable contributors. In other words, he detests slackers and has no respect for lazy, incompetent team members who refuse to cooperate and pull their fair share of the work.  Mr. Slater learned the hard way that the UoP Team concept is a work in progress that leaves a great deal to be desired.  After some really rotten Team experiences in CMGT 555, CMGT 576, and CSS 558, the UoP Team Concept is one aspect of UoP Mr. Slater would rather just forget.


Upon completion of his studies in UoP's MS CIS program, he will begin yet another online post-graduate degree program -- an MS in Information Security at Capella University (http://www.capella.edu), where he was accepted on June 30, 2004.  Capella's MS in Information Security program was designed by (ISC)2, the same organization that created the CISSP and SSCP.  In fact, with the additional academic credits Mr. Slater will receive from his UoP MS CIS degree and the CISSP certification, he will be able to complete the MS in Information Security by taking only seven or eight classes and should be finished by the end of 2005.  Mr. Slater's Capella website is located at http://billslater.com/capella .


Mr. Slater lives in Chicago with his lovely Polish wife, nicknamed “The Bride”,who is his soulmate and best friend, Warsaw native Ms. Joanna Roguska ( http://arielsarea.com ), along with over 35 networked computers, and over 4000 computer books.  You may read more about the amazing story of how they met and married by visiting http://billslater.com/internetlovestory.htm  .  Mr. Slater’s hobbies include computer and network technology, reading, music, writing, chess, and mentoring. His mentoring web page is at http://billslater.com/mentoring/ , and he is proud to say that he helped seven people get jobs in 2003, and will help several more in 2004.  Mr. Slater is also a black belt and certified instructor in the Japanese sport and martial art of Kodokan Judo. 


Mr. Slater is a supporting member of the Internet Society and is also co-founder and current president of the Chicago Chapter of the Internet Society ( http://www.isoc-chicago.org).  He is a member of the Association for Computing Machinery, the Computing Technology Industry Association and the Planetary Society.


You may read more about Mr. Slater at his website at http://billslater.com .  He can be reached by e-mail at slater@billslater.com or using any of the methods shown below in his signature block.


William F. Slater, III 
1409 N. Ashland Ave. 
Chicago, IL 60622 
United States of America 

IT Consultant / Data Center Manager 
CISSP, SSCP, MCSE 2000: Security, MCSA 2000: Security, MCSA 2003,
MCDBA SQL Server 2000, MCDST in XP, MCP # 3585
IT Project+, Security+, Server+, A+, Network+, i-Net+
MS CIS Student at the University of Phoenix Online 
Home 773-235-3080 
Cellular 312-758-0307 

Last Updated on Sunday, July 11, 2004