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Bill Slater
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Bill Slater
Fall 1999
CUSD 200
Wheaton, IL

Web Development and Intranets Using FrontPage


The World Wide Web has become a standard and essential way of publishing information in the business world.  In this class you will learn: product installation, the FrontPage user interface, web design, web standards, web creation and modification, web publishing, web servers and everything you need to become a new web developer.  There will be two case studies: modifying an existing web and one in building your own web. In addition, for the duration of the class, the instructor will provide web disk space at his ISP for those who don't have their own web space for publishing.  Recommended prerequisites: Your own PC running Windows 95 or 98 and FrontPage 98, at least  six months of PC experience, and about 30 - 50 hours of experience on the World Wide Web (we want you to understand what the web is and how web pages look before you enter the class). If you have some experience with a Windows word processing program and Explorer under Windows 95/98, you can easily learn web publishing.  With the Internet and the web becoming more and more important every day and the demand for web developers at an all time high, this may be the most important class you ever take.


The teacher, Bill Slater, has created several websites on the Web.  The most notable is which went over the 2.5 million hit count mark in Fall 1999.  Bill has taught Intro to Internet classes in CUSD 200 since Spring 1996.  He also teaches the Networking Your PCs with Microsoft Software class on Tuesday nights in CUSD 200.



 Web Development and Intranets Using FrontPage






Sept. 22, 1999

Terminology, Basic Principles, Installing Front Page, Creating Your First Web and Web Page, ISPs.

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Sept. 29, 1999

Design, Layout, Navigational Structure, Controls, Some Images (Buttons using Microsoft Image Composer) / 1 Hour of Lab

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Oct. 6, 1999

Tables, Images, Publishing / 1 Hour of Lab

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Oct. 13, 1999

Forms, Images, Publishing Using FTP / 1 Hour of Lab

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Oct. 20, 1999

Frames, Developing Your Own Website, ISPs  / 1 Hour of Lab

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Saturday, October 23, 1999

Billís WWW (Wonderful Web Weekend) Ė An Optional Web All Day Saturday Workshop Ė FREE!!!  9:00am to 4:00pm at Wheaton North High School 


Oct. 27, 1999

Makeovers, Performance Considerations / 1 Hour of Lab

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Nov. 3, 1999

Web Development as a Business: What You Need to Know / 1 Hour of Lab

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