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Bill Slater
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Bill Slater
Fall 1999
CUSD 200
Wheaton, IL

Intro to Internet Class

 Class Description


“Jump-start” your involvement in the exciting universe of Internet Cyberspace!  The Internet is the greatest and most influential technological phenomenon since the telephone and the television. The Internet has become “mainstream” in the worlds of business, academia, and leisure, with over 1.3 million new pages a day being added to the World Wide Web. Learn the fundamentals of getting on the Internet, about the hardware and software you need, a clear understanding of the jargon, search engines, e-mail, how to develop your own home page, etc. The class will consist of one hour of lecture and approximately one hour of actual hands-on net-surfing experience in one of the school's computer labs.  Recommended prerequisites: your own PC running Windows 95 or 98 and at least  six months of PC experience.  If you don't already have an Internet Service Provider or Online Service Provider, that's okay, the teacher will recommend one.


The teacher, Bill Slater has taught Internet classes in the CUSD 200 Adult Education program at Wheaton North High School since March 1996.  He is a seasoned veteran of Cyberspace since 1990 and has taught Internet classes in person, in plain English, to well over 1000 people.  In addition, he has been working as a computer professional since 1977 and loves teaching.  To check out the teacher ahead of time, visit Bill's website at


Intro to Internet Class







Terminology,  and Film on the Internet

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How It Works and Basic Principles / 1 Hour of Web Surfing 

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E-Mail and Search Engines / 1 Hour of Web Surfing

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Film on the Internet, Graduation / 1 Hour of Web Surfing

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