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Brian Epley Quote



Brian Epley Quote on Web Development

Background:  Brian Epley is the webmaster of The Religious Registry and is a fellow board member of the Association of Ethical Internet Professionals (AEIP).  In recent correspondences he made this very well worded observation about web development.  As an Internet consultant and teacher, I felt compelled to share this.  It is with Brian's kind permission that I do so.


We are all Internet professionals, and should realize that nothing on the Internet is complete. Sure, some of us are programmers, or developers for web sites but nothing we ever put on-line is complete. There are always changes, new pages to write and new information to disseminate. When we, as professionals, place a web site on-line, it is ready for business, and complete enough. I can not think of a web site I have developed over the past five years that did not have a list of improvements, new pages to add and new features to add. If we waited for all of this to be "done," we would never put a web site on-line or start a project. The key to this point, however, is complete enough for business.


--Brian Epley, August 22, 1998



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