William F. Slater, III and Joanna K. Roguska
The Newlyweds
December 3, 2000
Chicago, IL
United States of America

An Online Wedding Photo Album

Right before the ceremony
12030060.jpg (127240 bytes)
Right before the ceremony
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The Ceremony begins
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William reading his vows
12030066.JPG (216849 bytes)
Joanna reading her vows
MVC-008S.JPG (38878 bytes)
The Celebratory Kiss
12030069.JPG (208828 bytes)
Pastor Slim Coleman presents the happy Newlyweds!
12030070.JPG (214949 bytes)
William and Joanna display the wedding bands
12030071.jpg (100878 bytes)
William and Joanna at the Wedding Dinner at Basilico's Italian Restaurante  in Norridge, IL
12030074.jpg (208399 bytes)
William and Joanna surrounded by friends who attended the wedding.
12030077.jpg (186619 bytes)
A Yummy Wedding Cake!
12030079.jpg (224632 bytes)
Joanna cuts the Cake.
12030081.jpg (230482 bytes)
Joanna and William exchange wedding cake bites!
12030083.JPG (204680 bytes)
A very happy Greg Morris and Terry Felke, William and Joanna's dear friends, celebrated their 6-Month Anniversary on the day William and Joanna married.
12030084.JPG (210888 bytes)
John and Maria Owrey, with their lovely daughter, Christina.  John Owrey is a close friend and serves with William as his vice president in the Chicago Chapter of the Internet Society.

Pictures by Terry Felke


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