Class Summary – Week Six

William F. Slater, III


Project Management    CMGT 575


Professor Seth Chaikin, MS


Week of December 4 – December 10, 2003


Posted: December 8, 2003



Read all assigned readings and Instructor’s Lecture for week six.  Downloaded all class materials including the Class Supplement and study materials.  Read the assigned text in the 10 Minute Guide to Project Management.


Supplemental Books and Resources:

Used these references for additional study for class. 


Baker, S. and Baker, K. (2000). The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Project Management, second edition. Alpha Books: Indianapolis, IN.


Davidson, J.  (2000). 10 Minute Guide to Project Management. Alpha Books: Indianapolis, IN.


Heldman, W. (2002). IT Project+ Study Guide. Sybex: San Francisco.


Keogh, J., Shtub, A., Bard, J. F., and Globerson, S.  (2000).  Project Planning and Implementation. (UoP Edition). Pearson Custom Publishing: Boston.


Lewis, J. P. (2000). The Project Manager’s Desk Reference, 2nd Edition.  McGraw-Hill: Boston.


Mulcahy, R. (2002). PMP Exam Prep. RMC Publications: Minneapolis.


Schwalbe, K. (2002). Information Technology Project Management, second edition. Course Technology: Boston.

Stevenson, N, (2002). MS Project 2002 for Dummies. Wiley Publishing: NY.


Supplemental URLs:

None this week.


Posting to discussions:

Posted responses to discussion questions and commented on some participants’ contributions. 


Individual Class Work:

This Summary, the feedback on the projects, and the Article feedback were the big individual assignments this week.  After completing this Class Summary, all that remains is the Article Feedback.

Team Work:

Worked closely and feverishly with Team members to complete the project.  There was so much to do, and to try to make it look perfect.  As I mentioned in my Team Project Critiques posting, I felt good about our project but wish we had had the presence of mind to list the total costs in a table, both in the paper and in the presentation.  Nevertheless, it was a good effort, I feel and one in which we each learned a lot, both individually and collectively.


What I Learned in CGMT 575


I learned:















Real World Business and World Environment Application: 

I will never forget how much of a positive impact this class made on my understanding and perceptions of project managers and project management. Thank you.

Class Comments: 

Thank you fellow Classmates and Professor Chaikin for a great class.  I hope the rest of our classes are this much fun and challenging.



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