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Internet Questions and Exercises

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How tall is the Sears Tower?      
Where are the Petronas Towers and how tall are they?      
What is the URL of Gateway 2000 Computers?      
What is the URL of Aerial Communications? What is the IP address?      
What year did Bill Slater start in the computing profession?      
What is Randall Schwartz’s two claims to fame regarding the computer industry? (one is positive, one is negative)


What were the final words transmitted to NASA Mission Control by Space Shuttle Pilot Michael Smith during the ill-fated flight of STS-51L (Challenger) on January 28, 1986?      
Which significant technology accomplishment (from 1942) of Hedy Lamarr recently came to light in the media?      
Who wrote The Adolescence of P-1 and when? Ryan, 1977



Where was President Warren G. Harding when he died?      
What is the significance of "Wolfpack Technology"?      
Who is Andreas Vollenweider? What is the name of his newest CD which is being released in Europe in March 1997?      
What is the speed of the new U.S. Robotics X2 technology modems?      
What is PGP and who first developed it?      
When was Frederick Douglas born and what was his claim to fame?      
What is the URL of the City of Chicago?      
What is the URL and IP address of Microsoft’s web site?      
What is the URL of the White House? IP address?      
What is the URL of the Library of Congress?      
Who were the stars in the movie named "1943"?      
In what was the year of the final battle of the War of 1812 fought?      
Name the only U.S. President from NH.      
Who were the stars of the movie Bull Durham?      
Who is Furry Lewis and what is his claim to fame? Where did he live?      
What was Elvis Presley’s weight when he died?      
Where is Mount Washington? What is its height? And what is the highest recorded wind velocity at Mt. Washington’s summit?  
How many transistors are on the Intel Pentium Pro microprocessor?      
What is the IP address of      
What is a typical price of 32 MB of EDO RAM?      
What is the typical price of a 4GB SCSI hard drive?      
What is the typical price of Windows NT Workstation 4.0 - Upgrade Edition?      
What is the URL of the Electronic Frontier Foundation?      
Who is the Senior Vice President of Internet Architecture at MCI and what is his claim to fame (hint: it’s something he co-developed)      
Counting from the bottom, what is the name of layer 3 in the OSI network model? What is the URL where you found this information?      
What is the URL of the Earhart Project?      
Go to at


and list the conspiracy theory which you think is the funniest.

Go to and have the mapping software draw a map of where you live.      

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