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Founded in September 1995 by current CCS President, Mr. John Owrey, the Windows NT Special Interest Group has featured monthly meetings which have served to advance the ever expanding body of knowledge which makes up the world of Microsoft's Windows NT operating systems.

Among this group's achievements, being chosen by Microsoft in April 1996 to launch Windows NT 4.0 in Chicago. On very short notice, John secured an auditorium for the 220 or so attendees. At that meeting, Microsoft provided Chicago with the first public viewing of what is now the world's most popular business operating system.

After being elected president of CCS in Fall 1997, John turned over the leadership of the NT Special Interest Group to Mr. Bill Slater. Bill is a past Region One Director of the Chicago Computer Society who has been working with Windows NT since November 1992. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional in Windows NT (No. 3585), and he uses NT both at work and at home on his own personal 5-node network. Bill is also the past leader and founder of the first NT SIG of the Cleveland Computer Society. It is probably a bit obvious that Windows NT Server is Bill's favorite operating system.

Our monthly meetings are about two hours in length, and start with an "Open Forum" in which NT problems and questions are discussed. These meetings are free and open to the public. Membership in CCS, Chicagoland's largest non-profit computer group, is $40 per year. We welcome any and all to our meetings. From the most seasoned NT professionals, to the novice NT users, all are equally welcome and made to feel at home.

We hope you will come to our meetings and give us a try. We promise to make your NT experience at least a bit more meaningful.

Special Notice:

This NT SIG web site update was sorely needed. The last update was over 18 months ago. I put this web site together with limited money, time, and tool resources. Compliments are welcome. Comments are welcome. Derogatory and/or negative comments will be viewed as a statement of volunteering to be the next NT SIG Webmaster.


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Last Updated: October 1, 1998

By Bill Slater, NT SIG Leader and Webmaster