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The Latest on Windows NT and Microsoft

Curious about going to Windows NT or Windows 98 for your desktops?   Here's a Microsoft white paper to help you make an informed decision. NT or 98?

See my own review of Windows 98 at

NT 5.0 Beta 2 was released a few weeks back in August 1998.

Service Pack 4.0 is in beta and getting finished up for a October 1998.

Microsoft recently announced that after the release of Windows 98, NT will be released in a "Consumer Version" known now as "NT-C". This OS will use the same kernel as NT Workstation and NT Server, but will have only the features necessary for home users.

NT is outselling both Novell Netware and UNIX. No surprises there.

Stay tuned for more information…

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Last Updated: October 1, 1998

By Bill Slater, NT SIG Leader and Webmaster