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NT-Related Web Sites

Here are some interesting NT-related web sites you should visit:



Best NT Utilities on the Web!!! You'll never understand NT like a master until you download their utilities like NTPMON, NTREGMON, NTFILEMON, and NTHANDLE. Also, who could live without NTFSDOS? The website which features Eventmon from Chicago's own First Chair Technologies.   This incredible product allows an NT System Administrator to set parameters for events which appear in any of the NT Event Logs (System, Security, and/or Apps).  For the things that it allows you to do, and the easy to use user interface, Eventmon is probably the best product in its class in the world.  This product was presented by Mark Livings at the July 1998 meeting and it was the BEST presentation we ever had.

Some fantastic stuff on NT including NT 5.0

Some more fantastic stuff on NT including the History of NT, and an interview with well known NT Master, Mark Russinovich

Straight from the source of NT, a big web page devoted to supporting NT and giving you the latest information and support.

The world's best Windows NT Magazine and a MUST for any professional who supports NT for a living.

This amazing web site provides some of the latest and best information about NT, including direct links to Service Pack Updates, Hot Fixes, the HCL, and the missing driver list. You MUST bookmark this site as part of your NT support toolkit.

A rapid introduction to NT Troubleshooting principles by the leader of the Chicago Computer Society's NT SIG, Bill Slater.


A rapid introduction to the Microsoft technologies used in developing a full-featured Intranet by the leader of the Chicago Computer Society's NT SIG, Bill Slater.


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Last Updated: October 1, 1998

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