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    I have been fooled and mistreated and deceived over 450 times by Indian Recruiters.  As a result, I will not work with any Indian Recruiters anymore.    


Very Special Thanks to all the Indian Recruiters and their Managers who visit this web page!  You make my day and your visit has been recorded in our database!

    If you are an IT professional, you probably want to be aware of this situation. Unfortunately, I deal with these people up to 30 times a day. The article at this link below tells you how they operate.  Please read it!!!    


Indian Recruiters Visit This Page!  NAMASTE!!!




Tricks that Indian Recruiters Like to Do

Trick Comments
Contact you by e-mail and phone, collect information, get your resume in MS Word format, and Right to Represent and never call back or accept calls again.  

Try to do multiple submissions, putting the candidate in jeopardy of elimination

Change Name to American Sounding Names They will then swear to you that the American-sounding name is their REAL NAME.
Ask you what your billing rate is.  They they immediately ask you for a lower rate.  When they respond in an e-mail with Right to Represent at an even lower rate.  
Standard salutation 1:  How you are doing well!!!  
Standard salutation 2:  Greetings of the Day!!!  
Calling from India, but pretending to be in the United States  
Complaint from another colleague:
They call me all the time and I get lots of emails from then and I hit the delete button immediately. I refuse to deal with them. I've also hear that they'll get your resume to meet some quota, take your name off and put some Indians name to it so they can get a job using your credentials and that's identity theft. I can't understand them either and they are clueless.



Indian Recruiters and Companies That Have Contacted Me

Company Recruiter Name Website Contact Date(s) Topic or Position Location(s)
eTeam, Inc. Gitesh Kumar      
BeyondTek IT Giriraj Sharma      
Panzer Aadi Agarwal 2/23/2012
Active Directory Administrator
Active Directory Administrator
Project Manager
Project Manager
Project Manager
Project Manager
Project Manager



Best Solution:

Ignore them like the Plague!


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