Ralph S. Pero, BS, MBA

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My goal is to use 16 years of scientific development and achievement in addition to the knowledge of a master’s degree education and business ownership to facilitate the business goals and success of a driven and dynamic business effort. Ultimately, I wish to find a fit that values the combination of my education in business administration and project implementation with business goals benefiting the customer, community, workforce and global society. 


Experience and education values include


Small Project Lead, Business Ownership, Finance and Accounting, Business Management, Transformational Leadership, Strategic Planning and Implementation, Corporate Finance, Operations Management, Business Law, Marketing, Statistics and Biostatistics, and Business Solutions



Senior Professional Research Assistant

University of Colorado School of Medicine

Department of Pharmacology

Mail Stop 8303

12801 E. 17th Ave, Room P18-6404F

Aurora, CO 80045



MBA, School of Business; 3.95GPA                                                                 University of Phoenix, Oct. 2010

BS, Molecular and Cellular Biology; Minor: Physics, Chemistry, Math          University of Arizona, Dec. 1994

Biostatistics, 12 lecture course                                                                                   University of Colorado, Oct. 2010



University of Colorado – Sr. Professional Research Assistant, Aurora, Colorado 80045                 2008-Present

Report directly to the Lab Director to organize, design, and analyze experiments dealing with biological aspects of drug and alcohol dependency, characterizing genetic predisposition a novel small molecule to treat chronic pain disorders.


The Mayo Clinic, Senior Research Technologist II, Scottsdale, Arizona 85259                                  2002 – 2008

Reported directly to the program director to design, implement and interpret experimental results under resource constraints, to characterize a major cell constituent in the human immune system.  Personally responsible for materials and product management, detailed procedure implementation and accurate statistical result interpretation and reporting leading to peer reviewed journals and more than 2 million dollars in grand awards. 


Allstate Insurance Agency, Investor, Owner and Treasurer                                                       2001-2006

Initiated and incorporated a business effort in insurance, investing $40,000 in an agency of 3-4 employees, successfully developing a customer base that increased the value of the agency to more than $200,000 in 5 years.


The Barrow Neurological Institute, Senior Research Assistant                                                               1999-2002

Reported directly to the laboratory director to design, implement and report about experiments leading to efforts defining human brain tumors. 


Myriad Genetics, Research Assistant I & II                                                                                             1995-1999

Join a team effort characterizing three cancer predisposition genes and leading to the development of several diagnostic tests detecting patient susceptibility to breast cancer.  The tests resulted in a sustainable income stream through negotiations with insurance companies and physicians. 


McLane Foods, Quality Assurance Laboratory Technician                                                                              1995


TEACHING/MENTORING EXPERIENCE                                                                                    1999 - 2008

The Mayo Clinic and Barrow Neurological Institute, Taught and mentored 5 pre-medical students through hands-on training and lecture to design, implement and report the results of experiments leading to results needed for medical school applications.  All students were accepted and graduated from medical school, leading to profitable careers in the medical field.



Basic knowledge with Excel including statistical manipulations and graphs, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook Money, Access, Adobe Photoshop, Graph pad, introduction to Sigma Plot, Internet browsers and searching, 40wpm.



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