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Mo= ntgomery R. = Breneman

1201 Krebs Station RoadPaducah, KY • 42003 • Ho= me (270)-554-6655 or Cell (270)-217-1064 • rickbren.lds.paducah@gmail.co= m



•To secure a position commensurate with my proven skills and abilities.




•1992  = ; MS-Agriculture, Murray State University


•1992  = ; Major in Environmental Technology, Murray State University


•1987  = ; U.S. Ar= my Command and General Staff Officer Course (Honor Graduate)


•1980  = ; U.S. Army Engineer Officer Advanced Course


•1977  = ; U.S. Ar= my Engineer Officer Basic Course (Honor graduate)


•1977  = ; BS-Agriculture (Soil Science), Universit= y of Tennessee (High = Honors)


Special Training/Qualifications:


• Radiological Worker II

• Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Respo= nse (HAZWOPER)

• Nuclear Criticality Safety



Leadership/Management Experience:


United States Army Corps of Engineers

•Platoon Leader, Company Executive Officer, Batt= alion Maintenance Officer, New Equipment Training Development Project Officer, Company Commander, Battalion Executive Officer, Reserve/National Guard Assi= stor


Boy Scouts of America

District Eagle Board Representative, Shawnee Trails Council

•Wood Badge Course Director, Shawnee Trails Coun= cil

District and Council Trainer

•District Commissioner, Shawnee Trails Council

Employment History:


SR Martin Group, LLC

            April 2011-May 2011

Contract Technical Wri= ter.  Responsible for researching, w= riting and securing approval for training modules used at the USEC Plant.


Seminole Systems, LLC<= /o:p>

            May 2010-April 2011

Security Escort.  = Responsible for escorting uncleared personnel doing work at the USEC plant.

Classified Area Key Custodian.=   Responsible for insuring only properly cleared personnel were allowed access to sensitive areas within the USEC plant.


Aerotek Staffing Services

            April 2010-May 2010

Contract Procedure Specialist.=   Responsible for researching, coordinating, writing and ensuring distribution of primarily Maintenance procedures for Uranium Disposition Services, LLC in Paducah, KY.&n= bsp; Also assisted in a number of Operations and Fire Protection procedur= es.


Self-Employed Consultant to= Swift and Staley LLC

            May 2009-March 2010    &nbs= p;     

Responsible for reviewing documents for classified and sensitive information prior to public disclosure.

•Responsible for Qu= ality Client Assurance (meeting deadlines, satisfactory service, etc.)


Professional Technical Revi= ewer for Seminole Systems LLC

            January 2002-May 2009

Responsible for reviewing documents for classified and sensitive information prior to public disclosure.

•Responsible for Qu= ality Client Assurance (meeting deadlines, satisfactory service, etc.)


United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC)

            April 1998-January 2002

Document Contr= ol/Records SpecialistOrganized Procedures Document Control section to provide more timely response to cust= omers’ request for procedure support. Other  responsibilities included the quali= ty review of boxes for the Litigation Support Project that had been prepared f= or release to insure that each file was properly accounted for and stamped for classification. 

•Additional responsibilities included serving on the plant Assessment and Tracking Repo= rt Screening Committee and serving as the facility manager for the administrat= ion building.



United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC)

      = ;      April 1993 to April 1998

Senior Procedures Specialist.&= nbsp; Responsibilities included, with input from subject matter experts, researching, formatting, typing, and insuring proper distribution of Administrative, General Use, and Maintenance procedures.

• Also was responsi= ble for conducting classification reviews of procedures prior to distribution.


Various Employers and Posit= ions


Substitute Teacher, McCracken= County and Paducah City Schools

•Underground Petrol= eum Tank Storage Specialist, Massac Co. Environmental Technologies.

•Self-employed: Rick’s Lawn and Garden Service

•Seasonal Employmen= t: Sunshine Hollow Gardens and Bakery

•Graduate Assistant= : Murray State University


United States Army Corps of Engineers April 1977 to September 1988


Apr 1977 to June 1977

Engineer Officer Basic Course - Fort Belvoir, Va. Course included basic construction engineering management, supply management, demolitions and combat operations, introduction to military leadership and management.  Honor Graduate


      = ;      July 1977 to September 1980=

Combat Engineer Officer= assigned to 82d Engineer Battalion= , Bamberg, West Germany.  Duty assignments include Platoon L= eader, Company Executive Officer, and Battalion Maintenance Officer.


Platoon Leader of a Combat Engineer platoon.  Responsible for leading and traini= ng five non commissioned officers and thirty enlisted men in engineering skill= s in support of an armored cavalry squadron defending the West German border.


Company Executive Officer of a Combat Engineer Company.  Managed and trained the company headquarters section in support of the line platoons to include communicati= ons, equipment maintenance, nuclear, chemical and biological defense preparation= s.


Battalion Maintenance Officer of a Combat Engineer Battalion.   Primary function was to mana= ge the battalion maintenance operations to include preparing maintenance readiness reports, providing personnel support to line companies, scheduling higher l= evel maintenance support, and providing repair parts support.


            <= /span>September 1980 to February 1981

Engineer Officer Advanced Course – Fort Belvoir, VA.   Course included in depth training in construction engineering and project management, battalion and brigade combat operations, tactical planning, and combined arms operations,


            <= /span>March 1981 to September 1983

Project Officer, New Equipment Systems Branch, Directorate of Train= ing Development.  Responsible for development and tracking of training manuals and other information for new items of combat engineer equipment.


            <= /span>October 1983 to March 1984

Staff Officer in the Directorate of Plans, Training and Security – Fort Leonard Wood, MO.  Action officer responsible for trac= king the progress of combat and construction engineer training conducted and preparing reports for the post command staff.


            <= /span>March 1984 to August 1986

Company Commander.  Led a One Station Unit Training company in the training of Army recruits through basic combat instruction and Advanced Individual training in five engineer military occupational specialties.  Directly responsible for the supervision of one commissioned officer= and 12 senior non commissioned officers and enlisted personnel in the training = of cycles of 90-120 recruits.


            <= /span>September 1986 to November 1986

Battalion Executive Officer.  Supervised and led a staff of four commissioned officers and 10 senior non commissioned officers and enlisted personnel in the support of f= our training companies.


            <= /span>December 1986 to September 1988

Reserve/National Guard Assister. Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. As a part of the Engineer team, provided guidance and training assistance to Reserve and National Guard Combat Engineer units in the States of Alabama, = Tennessee, and Mississippi to prepare them for domestic deployment and federal activation.


• Military Awards i= nclude: Meritorious Service Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, Army Commendation Medal wi= th Oak Leaf Cluster, Army Achievement Medal, and Humanitarian Service Award.




David Sampson= , USEC Maintenance Manger (retired)

Home phone:  270-575-4994

Cell phone:  270-331-0267

Email:  sampsondraa@aol.com


Norm Windt, S= eminole Systems, LLC

Cell phone:  270-331-0447

Email:  seminolesystems@yahoo.com


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