Advice for Former Microsoft Employees and
Other IT Workers Who Have Lost Their Jobs


Note: I wrote this in response to the recent multitude of posted comments at Mini-Microsoft's Blog
It was posted at 11:31 AM PST, January 24, 2009.   This is also posted on my occasional blog.

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People need to quit whining, and channel their energies into finding new work.

1) Update your resume.

2) Update your networking skills in the real world and in the web world - LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, personal website, personal blog, etc.

3) Upload your resume to the prominent job boards:


4) Update your wardrobe.

5) Brush up on your interviewing skills by reading these two books:

6) Remember: Microsoft doesn't give drug tests, but MOST other employers do.

7) Open your Bibles and read Joshua 1:8.

8) Pray. God answers prayers... more than you realize.

Within two weeks of leaving Microsoft, I had three job offers, for a lot more money and fewer hours.

And I'll be praying for all of you.

Finally, please remember these parting thoughts: The longer you are out of work, the longer you will be out of work. The clock is ticking... time and the economy are NOT on your side. Every second you spend complaining, wallowing in self-pity, or reminiscing about the good old days of Microsoft is time lost toward your vital goal of getting that new job. So focus and apply yourselves. Your new job at the moment is to find that next great job. I'd also recommend keeping your skills consistently current and relevant so this effort will be easier in the future.

P.S. You may find these links to be helpful:


Parting comment: I have been in IT since 1977, and since 2000, as a favor, outside of work, I have helped over 60 people get new jobs.

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